Sunday, May 16, 2010


There are over 18,000 restaurants in NYC but I go to the same restaurant for my birthday. For the third year in a row, I went to Degustation Wine & Tasting Bar, one of Jack Lamb's trifecta, a quaint 16 seater that serves Spanish inspired tapas. Its 10 course tasting menu never disappoints me and the courses are spaced out perfectly so you leave in state of gluttonous bliss and not feeling like an overstuffed moo moo.

I mentioned to Jack the weekend prior while I was at Jewel Bako, his Japanese restaurant, that I'd be coming for my birthday at Degustation the following weekend. He remembered when I saw him and so graciously sent over a piece of otoro sushi (which was incredible, by the way. I've had toro before but I've never had the pleasure of having otoro, which is far superior) and a cheese plate for dessert.

This is exactly why I continue to choose the same restaurant for my birthday. Do I want to try the hottest restaurant of the moment? Sure but at the end of the day I know that Degustation's service will always spot on and it's a guarantee that you'll mutter, oh my god, many times throughout the night after having bite after bite of heavenly goodness.

Food porn will now commence:


  1. otoro more "buttery" than toro? i've never even seen that on a menu, but will now keep my eyes peeled for it! happy bday!

    ps - your boots look fantastic on the queen's blog ;)

  2. hey let's go here next time! everything looks good!

    and you should do a spot on the ice cream waffle truck. too bad no pix.

  3. @EBoogie: goodness, I absolutely forgot to comment back. Yes, otoro is more buttery than toro and it's absolutely delicious!