Monday, May 3, 2010


I've been wanting to try the food at the Red Hook Ballfields ever since I first read about it two years ago. Then I saw it on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation and made a note to go the first weekend it opened. Warm ceviche?! I'm there! Randy and I hit up the vendors on Saturday with his dog, Bernie, aka the love of my life.

As you can see, she's quite popular, especially with the kiddies. Bernie isn't the best companion when you're trying to eat. She just stares at you and sits about an inch away, hoping for a morsel to fall and's rather distracting so off she went back to the car.

When faced with the decision of where to begin, we chose the longest line. You can't go wrong with the crowd favorite and this time, it was the Salvadorian pupusa truck. The cheese and pork stuffed pupusas had the perfect combination of cheese, meat and bread. Plus, they were greasy and oh do I enjoy grease! They were a bit heavy so the side of cabbage slaw helped make it less so.

Elote. Yum... Anything on a stick deserves a yum after it. Corn dog? Yakitori? Kebab? Yum, yum and yum. Actually, I've had fried scorpions on a stick so perhaps blankonastick doesn't always warrant a yum.

Pork skin and pork tacos. Ehhh....

The pork tamale was way too mushy but if you ignored 90% of it and just ate the top, it was deeelicious.

It's not easy getting to the vendors at the Red Hook Ballfields. The pupusas were good but given that nothing else really wowed me, I can't say that I'm too eager to make the trip again. I'm not going to write this place off until I try a few more things and can definitively say that it's not worth the hike. Perhaps the warm ceviche would have swayed me... I'll save that for next time!

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  1. Oh Bernie! Always drawing a crowd! Great pics!