Friday, October 14, 2011


I have only been at work for one week in the past three and a half weeks. To be fair, I was in London on holiday for one week, went to work the following week and then came down with the flu, pink eye in both eyes and a corneal infection. To thank my coworkers for taking care of the things I normally do (and to ensure that they wouldn't hate me for being absent during two of the busiest weeks of the month), I made them banana bread.

Banana bread is on my top five favorite baked goods list. When it's done properly, it yields a loaf that is moist and not too dense. I haven't found a recipe that I can use as my go to. Like everything else I bake, I am always on the search for the perfect recipe. When something falls in my "favorites" category, such as red velvet cake, pancakes, and biscuits, I grade recipes and make many notes. How else am I going to know if the recipe is the ultimate? I also do this when I become addicted to something that I have to buy to eat like banh mi sandwiches (Hanco's in Brooklyn tops the list), chocolate chip cookies and macarons. The notebook comes out and a detailed grading system gets established. Very nerdy of me, I'm aware.

I know that a recipe can have no less than three bananas because I want the full banana flavor and the higher number of bananas lends to a moister loaf. The recipe I settled on called for six bananas so I had high hopes that the bread would be the be all and end all of banana bread recipes but alas, that was not the case. The banana bread lacked depth and I should have known that would be the case given the short list of ingredients. I'm not going to include the recipe because I don't think it's worth making. The search for the perfect banana bread continues on... though, let's hope that it is under better circumstances the next time I bake banana bread!