Saturday, June 5, 2010


A perfect weekend day:

Froyo for breakfast with Alex, Diane and Chris. I have finally found my favorite frozen yogurt place! Not only does Phileo have the lychee flavor but also taro and more importantly, it is the only place that has red bean as a topping. I am obsessed with red bean. Red bean ice cream, red bean soup, pineapple bun filled with red bean... just put red bean on anything and I am there! It's like nutella for Asians.

Tamale from the street fair for Diane.

Gazpacho for lunch from Bottino with Molly. My gazpacho lacked flavor and was a bit too watery for my liking. I like my gazpacho to have substance and not taste like tomato water with chunky bits of vegetables. Molly fared better with her cucumber soup, which was refreshing and had a nice tang but all in all, our soups weren't up to par.

Motorino pizza for dinner with Alex, Diane and Chris. We all shared the margherita and brussell sprouts pizza but Chris and I, obviously the true team fatties, forged ahead and ordered the cremini and sweet sausage pizza for "dessert."

The margherita tasted of bland tomato sauce and it was missing the key flavors that I associate with that type of much so that I can say it's the most flavorless slice of margherita that I've ever had. I'll just give them the benefit of doubt and say that they most have forgotten to add something...

The brussels sprouts pizza was my favorite and Chris's as well. The smoked pancetta gave it a nice salty flavor and the brussels sprouts were crispy so it was all sorts of deliciousness in your mouth. I'm a huge fan of garlic so I do wish that the garlic flavor was more pronounced.

The cremini and sweet sausage pizza had more than ample drizzles of olive oil and that is exactly how I like it. A slice isn't a slice if there isn't oil dripping down your hand while you chomp away at it.

Red velvet cupcake from Pinisi for dessert. I'm a red velvet fanatic and I've tried them all. Pinisi will always be number one with it's incredibly moist innards and perfect cream cheese frosting.

Can I eat like this every weekend? Come to think of it, why wait for the weekend? Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures so I'll just indulge like this on a daily basis.

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  1. dang, i totally forgot to ask you where to get the best red velvet cupcake!! it looks so moist too mmmm